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Calendar Events

Greek Easter

Follow the epitaphs of all the churches that meet on the coastal road and unite. To honour the ceremony there is an impressive squad of soldiers that serve their duty at the island’s naval training centre. The band of Poros municipality, formed with children from Poros’ school, is present as well, chanting Easter anthems.

Cultural events

Every year, from mid-July to mid-August, lasts one month. Traditional dancing, concerts, marionettes and theater shows.

Naval week

Celebrated the first ten days of July. Events like concerts, take place to honour all the seamen of the island.

Events of July and August

At the central square of Poros, Iroon square, concerts and drawing exhibitions take place. Separate concerts take place at the remains of the old Russian naval yard, a place that looks like Herodion, where many famous artists have performed.

International boat show

Every May, exclusively at Poros, takes place an exhibition of large cruiser ships with participants from all over the world.